Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Time is flying by so fast...I can't believe we are in the middle of October already...before I know it Thanksgiving will be here.

This past weekend was family filled. My cousin's wife is due with her second child in two months. They are having a baby boy and we went to her baby shower which was more like walking through Pinterest in real life. Her friends were so creative and truly hosted a sweet shower. I didn't get a whole lot of pictures to share but here are a few...

My Aunt and Uncle were in town for the day and we had a little cookout later in the afternoon. I had no clue my Uncle was Lithuanian decent...swear I learn something everyday...he shared some Lithuanian beer...

The best beer is the kind you can't pronounce
After a long day it was fun to be entertained by Princess of the house... 

She is a hoot
Overall a nice family filled weekend and a good amount of relaxing which I definitely enjoyed! What did you do this weekend?

Cheers, Nelly

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crazy Beautiful Life

Life is full of ups, downs, turns and twists...You can plan all day but if you don't live it to the fullest, who cares what was planned...

Recently my journey has been a whirlwind...but I'm so use to things not going to 'plan' and can adapt to change pretty easily. Just deep breaths and keep moving forward... 

Hung out with the awesome opossum Calista this past weekend and went to the most real Texan fair ever...Fort Bend County Fair. Will Hoge was performing and Calista has followed him for years and has really got me to enjoy his music a lot as well. The first time I went to Billy Bob's (the largest honky tonk dance hall) was to see Will. It was a blast!! It was an adventure getting to the fair...what should have been about an hour trip was more like two hours and many exit onlys streets. We finally got to park and rushed to the entrance line and it was a mile long. We were certain we would miss his performance. We decided to leave and head back to the car...but lo' and behold as we were walking back I pointed out a shortcut, we were strolling along next to the rodeo arena and we see what appears to be an entrance gate...WITH NO LINE! It couldn't be...we ask the girl in the booth taking selfies or facetiming if we can use the entrance and yep we got in and it was literally right by the stage. SCORE!! 

Will Hoge
My favorite past time is probably people watching...it is so entertaining at airports. At the fair though...man, I can't even put in to words what some of these young girls were wearing. And apparently there is one style in that county...slinky pants and off the shoulder shirts. Seriously let's get original folks. 

Sunday was a day full of furniture, sand dust, stain and paint...pretty sure Dad would be so proud of his girls! Dad refinishes antiques and makes custom woodworks. (Don't tell him we were always paying attention...shhh) Anyhow, Calista had a daunting task of re-doing her dining room furniture. She already did the table and chairs...thank goodness! We had the two piece hutch and island to finish. 

We sanded all the pieces and I thought sanding would be pretty much a piece of cake...Well I was wrong! It was more like you put a pan of brownies in the oven and totally forgot about them and they burnt to a crisp and you couldn't even scrap it out of the pan. But we conquered and then we were able to stain the wood and this week she is stuck with the task of painting all that is white...black. It's gonna look ahmaze! 

Calista hard at work

Love the distress look

Painting knobs... not my thing

Thank goodness for mineral spirits

It was a beautiful day and the company was even more so. I am not sure how she would have kept her sanity doing all of that herself...lord knows I sure wouldn't have. 

With whatever life throws at you in the midst of your plans, take it and make it a crazy beautiful experience.