Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Queen too Busy for Me

Decided to take my morning walk to Buckingham Palace today. It is about 3.5mi from the flat and the entire route was gorgeous and pleasant through Hyde Park. I thought I would ask the Queen for some tea but she was too busy for me... Silly me...

Here is a photo dump of the sites I saw:

Albert Memorial

Monument to something...never could figure it out...

Beautiful door to the unknown monument

Gates to Buckingham Palace

Maybe I'll have gates to my house like this one day... I can dream, right?

Fountain of Buckingham Palace

Just another view of the gates

Lovely Buckingham Palace

Cheers, Nelly

Monday, July 29, 2013

Ibiza Rocks

We had a blast in Ibiza! So much time relaxing and also partying! It was the best way to start my time across the pond. The Mr was super relaxed as well and with all the work he does in a was nice to see him chill. (Even though he worked and held a demo the first morning we were there)

We went to the club Amnesia. It was massive! And as our new Scottish friends was magic! We arrived at the club around 2a and Calvin Harris put on an awesome set!!! We didn't get back to the hotel until nearly 6a. Ibiza is no joke when it comes to partying!!

We saw beautiful sunsets and enjoyed a travel through the countryside of the island via scooter... The Mr drove and did a nice job but it was spotty when it comes to braking. I guess that's just the adventure of it all. We ate lunch at Na Xenema. BREATHTAKING VIEWS!! And the sangria was divine! I'll stay at that resort when I return!

It was an awesome they say here! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Friends...Sweet Treats and all the little things

One of my friends gave me a bag of dark chocolate and berry granola. I normally wouldn't have bought granola but this sounded too yummy to pass....and oh how I was right!!!

Woke up my first morning in London and walked to the corner to a most convenient store ever and grabbed a small jug of milk. And when I say small I mean cute little jug.

See? Ain't that adorable! And it went perfectly with my granola...

Love crunch indeed folks!! 

I have been exploring the tv channels while sitting on the little love seat and lo and behold I won't be able to escape America or the kardashians! That's right, a little E! Network on the tele. 

Off to jalk (that's jog and walk for any that don't know) in Hyde Park which is perfectly located near the flat and the backyard to Kensington Palace where a sweet little bundle of joy will soon call home. Not mine people, calm down. But William and Kate. Swear I need to be their nanny ... But when I googled how to become a nanny in London...there's a university you have to go once again I'll just try and win the royals with my southern charm. 

Next stop is Ibiza...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

I am cursed

It seems to never fail when I fly something goes wrong that delays departure. Today is the big day of the trip across the pond. I'm excited for what's ahead of me and the Mr and also a little nervous to see how this southerner will acclimate. I'm confident I'll make new friends and make people want to visit the states...cause I'm just that charming. Ha! But at least we got to chill in the business lounge....

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Bittersweet Goodbyes...

You know how each day some people dread going to work, doing the same thing each day, dealing with the silly work place politics, handling everyone else's problems and really get annoyed with their job?? No?, this isn't your situation? Well then I'm jealous.

I truly did enjoy my time at my job, made some good friends but also dealt with a lot of stupidity that made me dread it at times. I worked in a facility mainly of men and let me tell you something...they create just as much drama as women. Whew! I never thought I would have been here longer than a year because of the atmosphere but I truly began to enjoy it...not really sure how or why that changed. 

So today is my last day...bittersweet. This is all I knew for the past 1.5 years. I'd go to work, go home, run/walk, cook dinner and repeat. I didn't have friends outside of work yet, wasn't involved in anything else besides work. We were new to the area and just trying to get our bearings. 

I'm truly going to miss it... But I know there's bigger adventures ahead and I'm excited for those as well. 

So here's the goodbye to the grey cubicle, double screens and the comfy chair that took over a year to get...

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lucky Crazy Dog

This crazy dog had a sleep over at her new home and she got a new toy and a new bed...I think she scored the best deal! She looks so happy and that is all we wanted...a happy crazy pup! 

Now I just gotta figure out how to stop being a crying silly that furball!

Packing and Friends for a Week

Packing and packing and more packing...I can't wait to be done but then there's the task ahead of me of moving it all to the storage unit. I guess I could look at it as exercise...not sure that makes it any better.

I think it's funny when I gave my notice to work, it was as if a light switch was flipped and people were saying how much they appreciated me, how I was a good worker...I've even made a few friends and have hung out and gotten to know them better...why couldn't this have happened prior?! It was joked that I was making friends for a week... But I beg to differ!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feeling Lack of Organization

I thought I was always quite organized...good lord this move is showing my true colors. I think I have written about 10 post its with 'To Do' lists...they just end up in my purse and totally forgotten about. That's smart, right?! 

At least when cancelling our internet service the guy was nice and he even asked if he could help with anything else tonight...but when I asked help to pack...he backed out. Darn it. I feel if I just stare at the boxes they will build themselves and stuff will just jump right That's now how it happens? 

I have been practicing my sales skills past few days. We are trying to sell our large items that won't store well. I am wheelin' and dealin' and the Mr. said earlier today...'Baby you gotta close those deals.' That's on one of those post it 'To Do' least I think. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Miss Lacee Lou

Lacee Lou was one of our challenges for the quick move. But tonight a sweet couple came to visit and fell in love ... I had no doubt they would. Lacee loves everyone and has never met a stranger. I have one more week with this sweet puppy until she moves in with her new family. I am pretty sure I will cry like a baby.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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New Adventures Ahead...

Whelp my first post on my new blog that will help encapsulate my new adventures ahead of me and the Mr. 

I am moving to London in 12 days to be with the Mr!!!! I want this blog to help keep me connected to family and friends back in the states while also keeping tabs of my adventures while in Europe. 

Off to pack some more...