Thursday, January 30, 2014

Movie Wednesday

Another Wednesday down and it was my turn to pick the movie...I chose Drinking Buddies. It was a different movie. More of a Saturday afternoon nap movie. Michael and Andy cooked this week and it was delicious. 

Tortellini and ravioli with side salad and steamed squash, zucchini and broccoli. I definitely went back for more greens! 

The lesson this week was I don't pick the best films. Hey I'll learn...

                     Cheers, Nelly

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finally a Trip...

I hadn't flown in quite some time and needed a trip like something awful. I got a flight back where I grew up and was able to visit with family. 

One of my favorite treats is the home cooking I get to indulge. All the veggies are home grown and then I requested Baldwins roasted chicken.... Finger lickin yumminess!!! 

Those turnip greens are made with love...or lard! And the sweet potato is from North Carolina. Lima beans speak to my heart and make me all warm and cozy inside. I even eat them for breakfast. 

Who needs cereal?! 

I also get greeted with many animals... Dogs and cats galore... 

Meet Trip...

And P.Allen...

Saturday I went to my parents and my Grandfather came in town to visit. Love that man!! Always enjoy his stories. Four of the five sisters were in and that meant lots of nieces and nephew around! I even got to see Ellison, my step brother beautiful baby girl. Wish I snagged a pic with her. Aunt fail. And surprisingly Season wasn't taking a million pictures...what's up with that?! 

Saturday night the grandparents watched the kids and all the sisters went out. We had an absolute blast!!! 

All in all a great getaway... And now I'm delayed at the airport...always happens to me. 

                     Cheers, Nelly

Movie Wednesday

A group of friends have started a fun weekly meet up on Wednesdays. We alternate each other's place and watch a movie. It also alternates who gets to choose the film. Last week I hosted it and cooked a yummy pasta and a southwest style salad. 

We watched the movie title Memento. It was interesting and the events were presented in reverse. A man had an accident and had a memory span of 10 minutes or so, when he figured out more to the puzzle of what happened to his wife he either tattooed himself or took a Polaroid. I almost needed to watch it again to pick up on all the little details. It's on netflix if you want to check it out. 

I also learned not to let a boy open wine...

Yea that's a screw top and he used a corkscrew. It definitely was a great laugh! 

Any suggestions for our next film?

                      Cheers, Nelly

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friends ...Engineers

I have had a mirror for about a year that I got next to the trash at last apartment complex. It's a great mirror and I actually have two. Not sure why they threw it out... But thanks. 

Anyhow, needed to get it hung correctly and mentioned it to my friends at work who are engineers and they volunteered to help. 

It is the most precisely hung object in my apartment. We used a stud finder and never have I tripled measured before hanging something and then we broke out the level. Only bad thing is...I realized later we hung it a little too high. Told ya I can't do anything right! I kid. 

While I had the help I found the bolts for my table with still no chairs and had those placed. I also got back in my possession one of the most proud objects I have ever owned... My great Grandmothers painting. I'd love to fill my place with her artwork. So this too was hung with perfection. 

It makes the room and warms my heart and I smile every time I glance at it. 

                      Cheers, Nelly

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Can't ...

For years I have felt that whatever went wrong was my fault, even if I couldn't control the issue. Many times I'd say 'sorry' for situations I was never at fault. I feel so much that I can't do anything right. I don't say the right thing, I don't dress the right way, I don't speak the right way, I don't live the right way... I just feel like the failure. 

No matter how caring I am or thoughtful or careful I am of others... I always fight the guilty feelings. My grandfather once told me I say sorry too much. And I do...

I just wonder if I'll ever get over the feeling because clearly others don't think of my feelings that highly and obiviously they don't mind telling me I didn't do something right... 

I try different methods to cope, pull back or just accept that I had no control but I still fight the feeling of failing. Maybe one day I'll be able to accept that I won't always say the perfect thing or do something the right way or that things just happen without fault...maybe...

                     Cheers, Nelly


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Movies and more movies

I have enjoyed so many movies lately... From Captain Phillips, Philomena, Saving Mr Banks, About Time, Frozen, Dallas Buyers Club, Hunger Games II, Wolf of Wall Street, Anerican Hustle... Wow that's a lot. And I am not ashamed that I saw a Disney movie...I still sing the songs... "Do you wanna build a snowman?" 

I enjoy movies. I can go alone and can enjoy going with friends. I also have watched quite a few movies on Netflix. Old ones,good ones, slow ones... At home or at work; don't tell my boss. (He probably knows now) 

I would highly recommend About Time, American Hustle and for the love of Pete you MUST see Saving Mr Banks. 

What have you seen lately?!?!

                         Cheers, Nelly

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Extra Extra Read All About it

Or in my case watch all about it...
I watch or more so listen to the local news first thing when I wake up in the morning while getting ready. Then at 7a the Today show begins and I listen and use it as my guide of the time while doing my hair and makeup. I know what time it is when they do the first weather update and then when they cut back to local news. Keeps me on track for getting to work on time...most days. 

Then when I get home from work I watch the local news at 5p and the world news and listen to the local 6p news again. I will watch Extra to get my celebrity gossip too. And every night I watch the 10p news. It just doesn't feel right if I don't watch the news before bed. I did the same thing in high school; my dad and I watched the news and played a game of pool before bed. Good memories. 

I most likely know what is happening locally and nationally ... Anything you wanna know?! 

                       Cheers, Nelly