Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Absent much!?!? Oooppsie, sorry guys! I have been so on the go and just dealing with a lot of daily life stuff that I haven't had the chance to sit and blog. But I was starting to miss it and so here I am...

I had the chance to spend about two weeks with Calista down in H-town and we had a great time. I haven't laughed so hard, cooked so much yummy food, hung out, shadowed someone at work daily, had a running partner, and even just sitting in silence was enjoyable. I had to soak it all up because soon I will be joining the corporate world again and back to the 8-5p grind. I am definitely looking forward to it but I must get re acclimated to the schedule.

On my way back from Houston there was a tractor trailer truck that was two cars in front of me and his entire wheel came off and barely missed my car and when I passed him a crap ton of brake fluid sprayed all over my car, so after a good run this morning and some errands I hand washed the car in the driveway. It was a workout for sure but I have definitely missed washing my car by myself. Such a feeling of accomplishment.

I guess I have one more weekend to enjoy before I become a weekend warrior again... here's some photos of this past week/end...

Calista hosted a Pampered Chef party and it was so much fun and of course she had a craft for all us girls to do...Painting wine glasses is super fun and a great party gift!
My Favorite Flower

For that time when you want to class up your football game
 The weather was great this past weekend...Definitely feeling like fall is starting to sneak in...My all time fave season!
Me and Petey enjoying some back porch sittin'
Calista is one party planner and adventurous cook. Friday friends came over and we did ribs and potatoes on the grill and some ranch style beans.

Scribs!!! So tender and yummy...bake first then grill
 I'm envious of her Keurig machine and she was sweet enough to make me some pumpkin spice latte.
Perfect start to the fall

All in all a great weekend and ready for one last more before the real world swallows me up whole. What's on your schedule for the weekend!? 

Cheers, Nelly

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Next Stop?

I have a friend that has always commented on how much I travel as a young person that she never did and how it seems I am always on the go...thus blog name. There are definitely times where I love to sit at home and do nothing, or just have a low key weekend, I could be considered a home-body. But I for sure love to travel and see new places and experience new things. I don't have any big travel plans booked or planned coming up...what a shame...so I have been thinking of where to go to next...

Maybe to a beach in the Caribbean...
photo from google images
Maybe to the hill country of Texas during fall...
photo www.westphaliaisd.org
Maybe a quick trip to Vegas...
google images
Or lastly what I have been thinking about lately is a girls trip to wine valley in California...
image www.prweb.com
Where's your next stop on the map??

Cheers, Nelly

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sister Week Get Away

This past week I have been spending time with my sister Calista; she blogs over at CalistaRose ... you definitely should go check her out.

I was so excited to be able watch some Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football...and this was American style football...I absolutely LOVE football season, both college and professional. Football is the start to Fall and it's my favorite time of year.

I've been riding along with her during the day while she works and everyone comments about how much we look alike. Today we drove up to Brenham Texas, walked through their small historic downtown, ate lunch at Must Be Heaven and had an amazing pimento BLT sandwich...TO DIE FOR! Brenham is also the home to Bluebell Creameries...only the best ice cream ever created in the universe! We took a tour of the production plant and of course sampled at the end.

Chocolate Peanut Butter...Only way to go

See we look nothing alike... :)
We also have been getting our training in for the half marathon we are running in November...a good run and some bike riding with a side of dog walking. Calista is also a great cook and she makes a killer salad...be jealous. 
My longest run to date

I'd pay good money for that salad

That's Petey the cutest basset hound ever
Hope you all had a great Hump Day...it's almost the weekend! 

Cheers, Nelly

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just on the go...

I tell ya it's true when I say I am always on the go...

I am currently back in the hot and wonderful Texas! Geez I missed this country..err I mean state!

I haven't been back long and my inner clock is still a little off. The flight over I watched three movies and slept a little. I tried to push through the day and stay up late in hopes to bypass jet lag...well I am still dealing with it a bit. Last night I went to bed at 9p. I am a night owl and I am generally pretty good in the mornings too. Hopefully after tonight I will be reset. 

Cheers, Nelly