Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Breaking but not Braking...

Ever feel like you just need a break from life? Not for any particular reason, just need some time alone, time away from things, time to clear your mind. 

That's how I  have been feeling lately. Sure I went on a seven-day cruise to Alaska and it was great and grand and wonderful. I was able to relax and enjoy and have fun. But coming back to work where things have changed at the office and I've only been there for a little over a month... it's just a bit overwhelming.

I do my job, work all day, take my lunch break, I just focus... I don't lollygag, don't communicate much with other coworkers, just don't have the time now that we have to have closed doors for the remainder of the next two weeks.

But I keep telling myself it's a job, i'm getting paid for it and it allows me to travel. I have to do it, we all have to do it, unless you're rich or married rich...and clearly I'm not either of those...yet. 

I'm also not used to being around people 24/7; been accustomed to living on my own. Doing my thing whenever I want, where I want, how I want. I'm grateful for my situation and for the kindness of others helping during this transition but sometimes I am going to have to have ME time.

And then when I decide to have that me time and take the night off and do my own thing...I feel guilty but I'm not sure what else to do to keep my sanity.

So here's the kicker....

Just like taking a break from life and having my own time to myself I think I need to take a break from blogging. I don't do it regularly and it shows. I only have a few followers and that's fine. I just started this blog to keep track of the places I've been, things I do and now I  feel like it is becoming more of a chore and not something I've enjoyed since I have to filter more these days. 

So for now it's farewell. Might be back, I might not. I'll always be on the go and I'm always going to be doing something and going different places. 

Enjoy life, live it fully, travel often and enjoy new adventures. Most importantly,  grow while you're at it and be happy. 

Cheers, Nelly

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