Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Traffic News Tuesday- Vacation

It's been hard for me to focus the past few days. I think about everything I need to do to prepare for my trip coming up.

I think next time I schedule a trip it will not be at the beginning of the month. Having to schedule for bills to be paid or make sure automatic payments are set up when you don't have access to Internet... it's a pain. 

 This'll be the first time I am going on a cruise. It's been a challenge to try and pack the correct outfits. The weather is going to be chilly and we hadve excursions planned and I am determined to not overpack. Let's see if that really happens!

But at the end of the day, I'm excited to go on my first cruise and I know it will be tons of fun and I can't wait to share all the pictures with you!!

Just like the news, a little good with the bad... 

Cheers, Nelly

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  1. You're going to have so much fun! Take LOTS of pictures!