Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lessons of London...Part Two

Each day there is something else that I learn to adapt to here in London...

(You can read my first Lessons of London here)

- Grocery shopping is still an adventure; zucchini is called courgettes, eggplant is aubergine...

- One day we wanted a little sweet snack and I was confused what a digestive cookie was and then found this adorable and smart sleeve of Oreos...why don't they package Oreos like this in the states?? It would really help with eating half a pack and a half gallon of milk in one sitting! Not saying I've ever done that...or am I?!

- Fashion is CRAY CRAY!! I feel as if I am back in the 1980's. I was wearing onsies in the 80's but these kids truly went back to their roots. And if you are wearing a sheer shirt or skirt or dress apparently you must wear dark undergarments or hey none at all.

- Number one rule of London is to never leave the flat without an umbrella. It may be sun shiny bright but it still will rain on ya. 

- There is a newspaper that is handed out at the tube stations, The Evening Standard. I always grab one and read what is going on around us and while reading some of the articles I come across the interesting spelling of words and how they differ...where we would use a 'z' they tend to use the letter 's'...i.e.  realise vs realize. Also, throwing trash away is called 'bin it'. It is a trash bin not a trash can. 

I'm sure I will learn more today, so yal come back next week for another lesson, ya hear... 

Cheers, Nelly


  1. Totally agree with you on the Oreos...I can't buy them (as much as I love them) because I lose all self control and eat a whole row (or two).

    1. Been there, done that. They do well here with their convenient packaging.