Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Rewind...Bergen Part 1

Good Morning Folks! I really wanted to get this post up yesterday but it was a crazy Monday and my routine was all out of whack. I know, I know...it's not like I have a job but it still can get crazy.

I never thought about Norway as a place I wanted to visit. I am sure we all have lists of dream places to visit and Bergen, Norway just never made it on mine. But let me tell you I am so glad I was able to visit and now have so many gorgeous pictures to share.

I also realized that my maiden name originates from the area...I joked all weekend that I was hangin' with my peeps...getting back to my heritage...I thought I could get a discount too since it was so dang expensive. Bless America! $8 for a coke? $30 for a hamburger??

A few friends asked how Norway was and honestly it was so hard to find the accurate words or phrase to express it's beauty and landscape...So here are some photos..

We left early Friday morning and it was a quick 1.5 hour flight. I was prepared with all the essentials...Raincoat and Umbrella...it rains 260 days a year in Bergen...I'd be one depressed chica...

As we walked through the airport I was made aware once again that I cannot escape the presence of 'Merica...
7-Eleven was everywhere!! Also a good reminder of Dallas/FTW. 
Our hotel was so unique. From the outside it looked like it would be more a farmhouse decor hotel, lo and behold is was awesome on the inside. It was a wealthy merchants 'mansion' and warehouse back in the day. All the little nooks and hallways were great evidence of it's transformation, but also made it that much more unique. 

Isn't that sweet!? 
See how modern it is?! I loved the trunks.

The Mr pretty much wanted to take that bed home...It was so comfy.

Grab a book and sit a while...not really it's just wallpaper.

Friday we just walked around the city center area and the infamous fish market and we booked our fjord trip for Saturday morning. I'll post all the fjord tour pictures tomorrow for yal. After the tour we took the funicular up to Mt. Floyen and walked around some of the trails, played with the trolls and saw amazing views of Bergen. Sunday we wandered the city past the fish market and found some hidden treasures. 

Edward Grieg...famous composer

Long way from home, huh?! 

City Centre...Look at those clouds.

This was our ride for the Fjord Tour

The sun came out to play...just for a little

Sweet Roses always reminding me of Calista 

Think that troll wants a kiss 

Ole Bull...famous violinist from Bergen

The Funicular

Bryggen Wharf

My little friend

Views of Bergen from Mt Floyen

All of the houses were bright colors... I mean I would too in that rainy city

Norway is one of the largest salmon producers

Old cable wheel of the funicular

Pretty sure Santa would be upset with this one...Reindeer Filet

The Mr in 60yrs ... I kid I kid

Bergen Theatre

His crazy eyes were just weird

Skillings Bolle...So yummy and reminded me of my Grandmother's kolaches
Tomorrow I will share the wonderful pictures of the Fjord Tour...so yal come back now ya hear! 

Cheers, Nelly


  1. Yes, we're Norwegian. :)

    Beautiful sights...and I agree it would suck if it rained nearly all year. Seems like it's worse than Seattle.

    1. Glad I got to go to our motherland and see our heritage.