Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Rewind

Happy Monday Folks!

This past weekend was our first weekend in London together and it was filled with lots of new sites for me and a ton of walking...

Thursday I wandered into Notting Hill and walked the booths and some antique stores. Later we walked around the Chinatown area...

Friday the Mr made reservations at the Paramount Restaurant. It is on the 32nd floor of Centre Point and had awesome 360 views of the city. Afterwards we walked around the SOHO area of London...

Vegas in London
Saturday we got going on our day pretty early and walked to the infamous Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill. Saw some extremely interesting people and items for sale. We went to Holland Park which was absolutely beautiful with all the different flowers and sculptures and who would of thunk it!? But there was a cow! In the middle of London!! It definitely reminded me of Texas. 

Hair all the colors of the rainbow- Notting Hill

The Cow of Holland Park

Mr Moo Moo

Flowers of Holland Park


Sweet Roses reminded me of my sister Calista

Friendliest Peacock ever
Sunday we decided to go to another local market, Camden Market just north of the city. It was a very eccentric area. We saw a manual lock and dam operate which was pretty intriguing. We also attended the Kenwood Estates English Heritage Fete. It was in the Hampstead Heath park which is hilly with amazing views of the city. I felt at home out in the countryside. 
Camden Lock and Dam

Bang Bang!

Creative Store Front Decor

Hampstead Heath Park

Kenwood Estates

Traditional English Field Games

After all the walking this weekend I thought I would partake in an English cocktail, Pimm's and Lemonade. I mean I did pretty much walk a marathon this weekend. 

Don't mind if I do! 
There ya go...a little rewind of our weekend. The weather was perfect and I can only hope it continues so I can keep seeing more wild and crazy things! 

Cheers, Nelly

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