Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Weekend Rewind

I am still sleep deprived from the weekend and it is Wednesday! All the sisters got together in Houston and it was lots of fun! Friday after picking up everyone from the airports we stopped at Casa Maria for beeritas and amazing queso flameado with chorizo!

We hung out at Calista's house that evening and had chicken wings, double fried fries with chili and cheese. It was also a celebration for Ashley; she recently graduated college with her Bachelor's degree after also having an Associates. Very proud of her! 

Saturday we made the trek to Saint Arnold's Brewery. I was surprised how packed it was but it was an absolute blast. You buy a glass and with it comes 4 tokens to test their beer. Santo was my favorite and next was the Brown Ale. The Christmas brew was tasty too. Ok ok... I liked them all. We played the Heads Up game and even strangers got into the action. Everyone was so nice there. We took the last tour of the day for the brewery and the founder/owner Brock Wagner was our guide. It has a fun history. You should check it out if you're ever in the area. 
The building is over 100 yrs old; the inside has been renovated since.

We packed snacks...cheese, crackers and salami.

Cheese please! 

That's the owner...Brock Wagner

Chardonnay barrels used to brew special flavors

Isn't he a lucky man!? All the sisters

Sunday we went to Top Golf and Season realized that just because you took a golf class in college does not equate to knowing how to actually hit a golf ball. Her stance was absolutely comical but she would still hit the ball and get points. I think my phone was MIA during this adventure... I have zero pics. 

Monday was the departure day...Abbi didn't have any issue getting back home, Season had a small delay and Ashley just has no luck when flying. She was delayed like crazy. The Dallas/Fort Worth area got hit HARD with ice and snow on Thursday. I was lucky enough to get out of town right as it was starting to fall. But when I got back in was insane. I have been ice skating into my apartment since Monday. Hopefully it will melt as the temp is suppose to rise today. 

It's not a thin sheet of ice by any means...over 4 inches of ice.

Here's to hoping for better weather next week! Did you get any winter weather yet?

Cheers, Nelly

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  1. I've got tons of pictures of us golfing! I'll send you some. Great weekend! Can't wait to get together again.