Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Years...New Beginnings

Whelp it's New Years Eve and I'm chilling at home with a nice bottle of wine...or two...and some champs is chilling in the fridge too. 

It's not my favorite day to be out on the town with all the silly willies that drink and drive and think they are super humans. So I decided to stay in and enjoy a movie and some wine and cheese and salami. 

And I truly hope my home is blessed this next year. 2013 was a trying year. I quit my job, moved to London for a couple months and returned to my job and life changed. What I thought was...wasn't. But isn't that life? 

So I will not make any resolutions. I rarely do. But this year... I promise to find my happy, to be happy, to grow into who I am to be, I will be positive, and I will still be me and all my sarcasm. I will continue to travel. I have to travel! It's in my blood!!  I will succeed in my career and continue and push to learn more and be greater. This is my year and by golly I need to take it by the horns.  So who cares if I am alone on New Years and who cares if I have a mundane life right now and who cares if I don't have lots of friends...next time I'll share a kiss at midnight with someone special, I'll have a crazy adventurous life and I love all my friends I have now. They have been my rock. 

Here, here to a fantastic 2014!!! 

                       Cheers, Nelly

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  1. Cheers to that! So proud of you and wish you all the happiness in the world! You're an AMAZING woman with the world at her fingertips. Let me know where you want to travel to and I'll be your traveling buddy...I'm always up for a vacation!