Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finally a Trip...

I hadn't flown in quite some time and needed a trip like something awful. I got a flight back where I grew up and was able to visit with family. 

One of my favorite treats is the home cooking I get to indulge. All the veggies are home grown and then I requested Baldwins roasted chicken.... Finger lickin yumminess!!! 

Those turnip greens are made with love...or lard! And the sweet potato is from North Carolina. Lima beans speak to my heart and make me all warm and cozy inside. I even eat them for breakfast. 

Who needs cereal?! 

I also get greeted with many animals... Dogs and cats galore... 

Meet Trip...

And P.Allen...

Saturday I went to my parents and my Grandfather came in town to visit. Love that man!! Always enjoy his stories. Four of the five sisters were in and that meant lots of nieces and nephew around! I even got to see Ellison, my step brother beautiful baby girl. Wish I snagged a pic with her. Aunt fail. And surprisingly Season wasn't taking a million pictures...what's up with that?! 

Saturday night the grandparents watched the kids and all the sisters went out. We had an absolute blast!!! 

All in all a great getaway... And now I'm delayed at the airport...always happens to me. 

                     Cheers, Nelly

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  1. Yeah, yeah, yeah! I forgot to whip the camera out...it was in my purse fully charged. I did get a picture on my iPhone of you and Ellison...posted it on IG. Great seeing you this weekend! The Whuff enjoyed meeting you as well...said he's got your back if you ever need it!