Thursday, January 16, 2014

Friends ...Engineers

I have had a mirror for about a year that I got next to the trash at last apartment complex. It's a great mirror and I actually have two. Not sure why they threw it out... But thanks. 

Anyhow, needed to get it hung correctly and mentioned it to my friends at work who are engineers and they volunteered to help. 

It is the most precisely hung object in my apartment. We used a stud finder and never have I tripled measured before hanging something and then we broke out the level. Only bad thing is...I realized later we hung it a little too high. Told ya I can't do anything right! I kid. 

While I had the help I found the bolts for my table with still no chairs and had those placed. I also got back in my possession one of the most proud objects I have ever owned... My great Grandmothers painting. I'd love to fill my place with her artwork. So this too was hung with perfection. 

It makes the room and warms my heart and I smile every time I glance at it. 

                      Cheers, Nelly

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  1. I can't wait to get some of the great grandparents paintings up on my walls. Want to get all the dust out of the house before I hang them up. Guess I need to get one of them framed soon too!