Monday, July 29, 2013

Ibiza Rocks

We had a blast in Ibiza! So much time relaxing and also partying! It was the best way to start my time across the pond. The Mr was super relaxed as well and with all the work he does in a was nice to see him chill. (Even though he worked and held a demo the first morning we were there)

We went to the club Amnesia. It was massive! And as our new Scottish friends was magic! We arrived at the club around 2a and Calvin Harris put on an awesome set!!! We didn't get back to the hotel until nearly 6a. Ibiza is no joke when it comes to partying!!

We saw beautiful sunsets and enjoyed a travel through the countryside of the island via scooter... The Mr drove and did a nice job but it was spotty when it comes to braking. I guess that's just the adventure of it all. We ate lunch at Na Xenema. BREATHTAKING VIEWS!! And the sangria was divine! I'll stay at that resort when I return!

It was an awesome they say here! 


  1. You'll have to be our tour guide soon! Glad you guys had fun. :)

  2. The pictures are impeccable! Looks beautiful there!