Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sweet Friends...Sweet Treats and all the little things

One of my friends gave me a bag of dark chocolate and berry granola. I normally wouldn't have bought granola but this sounded too yummy to pass....and oh how I was right!!!

Woke up my first morning in London and walked to the corner to a most convenient store ever and grabbed a small jug of milk. And when I say small I mean cute little jug.

See? Ain't that adorable! And it went perfectly with my granola...

Love crunch indeed folks!! 

I have been exploring the tv channels while sitting on the little love seat and lo and behold I won't be able to escape America or the kardashians! That's right, a little E! Network on the tele. 

Off to jalk (that's jog and walk for any that don't know) in Hyde Park which is perfectly located near the flat and the backyard to Kensington Palace where a sweet little bundle of joy will soon call home. Not mine people, calm down. But William and Kate. Swear I need to be their nanny ... But when I googled how to become a nanny in London...there's a university you have to go to...so once again I'll just try and win the royals with my southern charm. 

Next stop is Ibiza...

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