Thursday, July 11, 2013

Feeling Lack of Organization

I thought I was always quite organized...good lord this move is showing my true colors. I think I have written about 10 post its with 'To Do' lists...they just end up in my purse and totally forgotten about. That's smart, right?! 

At least when cancelling our internet service the guy was nice and he even asked if he could help with anything else tonight...but when I asked help to pack...he backed out. Darn it. I feel if I just stare at the boxes they will build themselves and stuff will just jump right That's now how it happens? 

I have been practicing my sales skills past few days. We are trying to sell our large items that won't store well. I am wheelin' and dealin' and the Mr. said earlier today...'Baby you gotta close those deals.' That's on one of those post it 'To Do' least I think. 

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