Tuesday, February 18, 2014

American Idol... Guilty

I have been known to watch American Idol randomly. I'll watch seasons here and there but last year was probably the first year I couldn't stand it. The judges were horrendous. This season though...off to a great start. 

The show editing has seriously improved and modernized. I am loving the judging panel this year...Jennifer Lopez is back, Keith Urban and his cute haircut and my all time favorite crooner and jazz hottie Harry Connick Jr. Who wouldn't watch just for him?!?! His humor is perfect too! 

The season has progressed and we have the top 30. Tonight is the first night for the top 10 girls to perform. They are cutting 5 as they go today. Pretty intense!

I'm excited to find my favorites to cheer on and I'll update you once I have my decision. 

                    Cheers, Nelly

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