Saturday, February 8, 2014

This Piggie...

In November my big toe experienced trauma. A chair was accidentally placed on my toe... 

I know I know... A horrid picture. But that purple area grew larger and darker as the weeks went by. I even ran a half marathon with that toe. I conquered it. 

Every 4-5 wks I splurge on a pedicure. It's my one guilty pleasure I allow. I love Lynn at Kool Nails. She knows me by name, she is always interested in what my life has been encountering, and they are so customer driven that it's a great time to relax. Recently they upgraded their salon and it's so nice. I've also been known to sit in the chair well after my pedicure is done just to watch tv. I don't have cable at my place, just an antenna, so it's a treat to watch E! and I can keep up with celebrity gossip... and the Kardashians. 

The last pedicure I had the technician made a comment about my toenail and how it appeared to be thinning on the back near the nail bed. She filed the area to even the ridges where it was growing out from the trauma. I was still hoping the nail would just grow out and I wouldn't lose it. I was soooo incredibly wrong folks!!

I went to put a pair of socks on the other night because Texas decided to play in winter weather and my toesies were cold. Somehow my nail caught on the sock and half of it pulled off the nail bed. I thought I was going to faint; it hurt so bad. I couldn't even look at it for the longest time... Ok for maybe one minute. I gathered my inner strength and performed trauma surgery. 

What's annoying is that only half the nail fell off. It's pretty intact on the other side so I have no clue what to do. I think a visit to Lynn is in store for next week. Thankfully it isn't open toe shoe weather yet. 

I just hope my Piggie heals quickly cause next month in Texas starts warmer weather and I am all about open toe shoes, no socks.. Who am I kidding?! I grew up in Kentucky... We don't even wear shoes! 

                     Cheers, Nelly


  1. funny post but not funny to have lost a toe nail

  2. Lynn is going to have to come to the rescue.... time to glue a nail on!!

  3. Be careful with gluing a nail on...I don't recommend it because you can set up infection. I lost both of my big toes to a concert goer...well actually he made them black and blue and then rock climbing in Jamaica caused them to fall off. One grew back without any problems and the other I had to go see a podiatrist because it quickly became ingrown. It was not fun or pretty! Be careful!