Monday, March 10, 2014

And there was light...

Yal I love love LOVE daylight savings time in the spring! I am sitting here and it's still light outside and 730p. This makes me one happy chica!! 

This weekend was a nice and relaxing couple of days. Friday I chilled at home and watched documentaries about Russia's prisons and lets just say they know what they are doing. I hit the hay pretty early and Saturday was up at 530a. But I was ok with that; I had lots of errands to run and I also needed to go for a run. I waited for the sun to rise around 730 and headed out before it rained....yea that didn't work as I planned. It drizzled on me and the wind was brutal to my ears. I got in only two miles but hey better than nada. I have a 5k this weekend so I really need to be out there. I plan to run tomorrow for sure. 

Saturday I was literally out all day getting things taken care of...from my car being serviced to returning items at the running store to...drum roll please....I got my toe worked on!!! 

Look at that there toe nail folks!!! Fake it til you make it! 

I went to dinner and drinks with some fun friends Saturday night. We always have a good time and lots of laughs. 

Sunday... well all productivity went out the window. I slept til noon. Me! Sleeping! And til noon!!! Call the doctor, something isn't right!!! Ok ok don't because if it's wrong, I don't want to be right. It felt so great sleeping and sleeping good. I actually didn't even get out of bed til 1p and I made a quick breakfast taco with amazing homemade salsa from my good friend. 

I decided to watch another documentary about the secret service and I swear I was dozing off again! Crazy!! So I decided at 430 I should get out of my pajamas and head to the grocery store since my fridge was super empty...

I made a quick trip to trader joes and stopped by a Redbox and picked up three movies; Blue Jasmine, Last Vegas, Wolverine. Blue jasmine was interesting, not bad just different. Last Vegas was super funny and emotional. I definitely recommend. I didn't have enough time to watch Wolverine, thank goodness I had one free rental. 

All in all a great weekend. And then this is how my Monday went...

Apparently you aren't suppose to let it get that low on fuel... I kid. I know better. I was just pushing it, ya know living on the edge, being adventurous, taking a walk in the wild side. Then I realized I might actually have to walk so I stopped and filled up. Really wishing these gas prices chill out and go back down. Me no likey. 

But here's to another week... Make it count, make it worth it, make it great! 

Cheers, Nelly


  1. Sounded like our weekend...low key. funny post. I'm greedy though I want the light morning and night. Maybe I should move to Alaska...ok not a good plan

  2. I'm loving getting off work and it's daylight...and the temperature has gotten better. As for gas prices, welcome to my world...I don't think gas has ever been cheap in Greater Cincinnati. I do remember when it was in the 70 cent range when I was 16...loved gas wars!