Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tis Life

Geez sometimes my life just picks up and fast forwards itself without my permission. So rude, right?! I think so. 

Last I posted was day light savings... Since then I've ran a 5k, enjoyed the 100th Anniversary of the Battleship of Texas, enjoyed a happy hour with friends and a great weekend with my main squeeze. Ha! Isn't that the hip way to say boyfriend these days?! 

I didn't do well in my 5k, timing wise, but I ran the entire route and finished strong. I may possibly have another race this weekend. 

The battleship was so fun. And Robert Earl Keen performed. It was rainy and cold and muddy but tons of fun with friends and family!!

Life is great right now and I only have faith it's going to get better.... And busier. 

I have a ton of trips planned for the next few months and I cannot wait!! 

Cheers, Nelly

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