Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Annoyances

-Starting third week at job and still not fully granted access to systems; well I have access but not for the US site...maybe a sign they want me in the UK?! Nah...tried that once

-When gas stations' sign shows a different price then at pump and I didn't double check before I started to fill my tank...$3.29 if paid with a chevron gift card...$3.99 if credit/debit...highway robbery...literally

-When I go to a store to look specifically for an item and it's not sold there...spray aloe...I got a weird sunburn of splotches and it hurts to rub in lotion or aloe

-I typically wash hair every other day or longer if possible but those times when my hair is rebellious in the morning and won't cooperate left down or in a ponytail and then it makes me just want to chop it or wish I had washed it...but I must refuse because I'm determined to grow it a few more inches

It's just a typical Monday...hopefully it'll turn a total eclipse of the heart... 

Cheers, Nelly


  1. yep got to be careful those gas stations that charge differently for cash vs credit, etc

  2. Monday sucked! I wanted a redo or it to be Tuesday all day! Enjoy your job now before it gets crazy with high expectations.