Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Happens in Vegas...

Back in May I met up with one of my sisters and her boyfriend in Vegas, Season and Whuff. (That's not his given name but that's what all us sisters refer to him as...isn't he lucky?!) 

This is my version of the recap...a photo dump...

They picked me up from the airport in a convertible camaro which is also probably the worst car ever. The windshield has more blind spots that Ray Charles...

We were off to a quick lunch and then to the Hoover Dam. 

I wanted to order everything on the menu that mentioned avocado. I had a yummy turkey club like sandwich. 

I even made a quick step into Arizona!! 

Guess this dude is really scared of heights or he really really just wanted to test out his new cables. ;)

This was some lake's marina that we overlooked. The landscape out west is so different but beautiful. 

We made our way to a few casinos. 

Caesar doesn't really like hugs I guess... But he likes his money and is so stingy...this is all he would give back...

Whuff wanted to see Primus in concert...

And a motor cross event...

It was a quick trip to Vegas with a nice long delay at the airport but a good time!

This was view from room...ballin'!

Cheers, Nelly

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  1. You saw Lake services 4 states. :) It was a great trip! Glad you could join us and FINALLY see Vegas!