Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sand Rain

Another fun filled weekend ...this time at Matagorda beach. 

A group of friends left early Saturday to head to the beach for a day. The Texas beaches will never make the list of the top ten most beautiful but they offer lots of entertainment...and seaweed. 

Those aren't beautiful sand dunes...that's a ridge of seaweed they push back off the beach. It stinks like rotten eggs but that's just the way it is. Apparently it's the worse it's been in ten years. 

But it is still a nice view to be on the beach...

We set up camp and a bonfire. Camp, bonfire....that only means HOT DOGS to me!!!! #hotdogobsession 

And ChadNick knows his hot dog brands ... #hebrewnational is the only way to go!! Mmmm good to my tummy!

We sat around the campfire and tried to tell scary stories that were epic fails. The internet isn't always the best reference. 

After a long day in the sun it was time for bed....and ....drumroll.... Que the SAND RAIN!!!

I have never camped on the beach so it was going to be an exciting adventure...until there was sand everywhere and it would come through the vents in the tent... Like it was raining sand. It was in my mouth, eyes, ears, all over my pillow. It was not a pleasant sleeping situation. The phrase 'clean behind your ears'...well that had a whole new meaning. The shower once I got home never felt so good. 

Overall it was another great weekend with friends and family, as always. But now I must relax and watch Jack Ryan and chill before another work week begins. 

Cheers, Nelly

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